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If you asked a biologist to list the most essential things for life, water would be right at the top. Water is absolutely essential to every form of life that we know. Every living cell-of plant and animal alike- depends on this substance.

As you may know, of every ten pounds of your weight, abut seven pounds is nothing but water. Much the same is true of other living things. Without water to drink, human beings die in a short time.


Why is this so? Why is water necessary to life? The reason every living thing needs a certain amount of water is because the cells- the basic units that make up living things- have water molecules in them. Without water these basic units would be very different and of no use to life as we know it.

In the course of a day, an adult human being takes in about two quarts of water as fluids, and one more quart in what we call solid foods, such as fruit, vegetables, bread, and meat. These are really not dry, since they are thirty to ninety percent water.

Besides these three quarts that enter the body from outside in the course of a day, about ten quarts of water pass back and forth within the body between the various organ systems.

There are about five quarts of blood in the vessels of the body, and three quarts of this is water. And this remains unchanged. Even if a person feels “dried out” after a long hike in the summer heat, or has drunk two quarts of beer, his blood vessels still contain three quarts of water. No matter how much water you drink, you cannot dilute the blood.

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