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Surely you all say yes! Then you should read this.

Like so many other cosmetics in use today, lipstick is a product of the chemist's laboratory. Every ingredient that goes into it has a definite purpose, and the combination makes quite a complicated formula.


The chief ingredients in a lipstick are Castor oil and a mixture of various waxes. In addition there are cacao butter, lanolin , mineral oil ,petrolatum and different chemicals. Coloring matter to obtain the exact shade is, of course, a very important ingredient.

The oils and waxes are melted together and the colors mixed in by grinding. The whole mass is then reeled and poured into molds, where it is allowed to harden. Lipsticks are made so that they will soften under pressure, which makes it possible to apply them to the lips evenly.

The use of cosmetics by women goes back to very early times. They probably originated in the East, but in ancient times they reached their greatest development in Egypt. Almost six thousand years ago various kinds of cosmetics were already being used in Egypt.


Cleopatra carried the use of cosmetics to new heights. At that time, it was the eyes that received the most attention. Women of the court painted the underside of the eye green, and the lid, lashes, and eyebrows black! Henna was also used to dye the fingernails, palms, and soles of the feet. 


In the Bible there are many references to the use of cosmetics by women; for example, “When Jehu was come Jezreel, Jezebel heard of it, and she painted her face........."


In Rome , at the time of Nero, cosmetics and perfumes were widely used. Here are some of the cosmetics they had then: white lead and chalk to whiten the skin: paint for the eye lids and lashes:a rouge for the cheeks and lips, which may be the ancestor of our lipsticks; barley flour and butter as a cure for blemishes; and pumice stone for whitening the teeth. They also had a kind of soap for bleaching the hair.



In England, about four hundred years ago, women used to take all kinds of baths to make their skin beautiful. It is said that Mary, Queen of Scots , actually bathed in wine, and other women of the time took milk baths!

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