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Did you ever drink water from a well and say, "my, that tastes good"? Or perhaps you've heard people who live in certain cities say, "Our water tastes awful!" This might give you the idea that water itself does have a taste. But the fact is that water is actually tasteless. (It is also odorless and colorless.) We will see later why water seems to us to have a taste.

Water does not resemble either of the elements that compose it, hydrogen and oxygen. It has a set of properties all its own.
Water as it occurs in nature is never pure in the true sense. In the laboratory, the chemist can create chemically pure water. But in nature, water always contains dissolved mineral material, dissolved gases, and living organisms. These impurities give our drinking water its very slight but pleasant taste.
The reason water sometimes comes out "white" from a tap is the presence of these gases and other substances in water.
We might say then that the water we drink always does have a taste-simply because it is not chemically pure water.

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